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Our Mission

We make energy better. By investing in great entrepreneurs and proven energy intelligence offerings, we make energy cleaner, safer, cheaper and more reliable.

We see around corners

Brute force won't solve the stresses on our energy sector. We don't need to radically change our energy supplies to renewable sources. Acorn has found ways to attack these stresses by creatively applying intelligence and smarter systems to "get more out of what we have already got". Making our existing energy infrastructure smarter is the lowest cost, lowest risk, highest return approach that we, as investors and society, can take.

Acorn's strategy is contrarian. Today it is popular to invest in big science projects. But we prefer to fish where the fish are, not where the boats are. There are substantial business opportunities in repairing and updating the existing infrastructure. We believe in the future of digital connected energy systems that we call the Enercosm. This is an evolution from the telecom revolution that George Gilder described as the Telecosm.

Acorn operating companies share this strategic vision. They also share sales leads, marketing programs, and expert intelligence about the energy industry.

Acorn's Philosophy

We believe that the right management team with the right incentive plan is the best driver of shareholder returns. Acorn CEOs are passionate entrepreneurs who are enthused about delivering products and services that make the world a better place. Acorn companies' management teams typically own 10% or more of their business.

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