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The Ocean and our Coasts - Incredible Opportunities, Growing Dangers

The world's oceans are sources of prosperity and economic vitality: as much as 90% of intercontinental trade is moved by sea. In the sea, people find food, energy and enormous reserves of raw materials. Economic activity in our oceans are continuing to grow and, with them, the economic centers on the coasts. There are over 3,500 energy terminals located on our oceans and waterways.

At the same time the peaceful utilization of the sea, and the coastal regions are exposed to a diversity of growing dangers. Besides the usual hazards of navigation, other threats - such as terrorism are also on the rise. The oceans and coasts must be made safer for us all.  Visit http://www.dsit.co.il/ to learn how we are helping make the oceans and our coastal infrastructure safe for our future.

Check out this video on DSIT's products: http://www.youtube.com/user/DSITSolutions

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